Condo Commandos: One Vote Away From Hell

The film was also a result of each unit owner, in my building at the time, being expected to pay $50K in advance for fabricated work. They wanted to take all the perfectly good balconies off and replace them. This was happening all over the State and this is when I came into contact with Inger Garcia. She had a column in the local paper as the Condo Lawyer when I contacted her. Together we were able to uncover the shenanigans of the condo industry post the 2005 hurricane. I had been living in a wonderful condo when suddenly someone bought into the building and in no time was on the board after charming the owners. The board now changed and our home changed from an easy going incredibly place to live, to an 8 year nightmare. Inger ended up being involved with changing the condo laws and I finally left for Palm Beach saving all the unit owners many thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, as we were just organising the finance for making the documentary into a full feature film Inger found Inger was told she had stage-4 Cancer and so we decided to follow her experiences in a new full-length documentary we called ‘The Face of Cancer’.

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