Condo Commandos: One Vote Away From Hell

This film has not only helped condo owners save substantial money but has saved many from losing their condos altogether.

‘Condo Commandos: One Vote Away From Hell’ was invited to be screened in the short film category at the famous Cannes Film Festival in 2011. The film won the short film award at the Fort Lauderdale film festival where we were arranging finance to make it into a feature film/documentary. Inger Garcia, a high profile entertainment lawyer, and I, an author and investigative reporter co-produced the film and Inger was the director. Read more

Welcome to my Website

The website below was used to gain support from unit owners for a change of board after the destruction of the theater without a vote.
We now have a new President and board.

I have posted this website up as an example on how condo owners can easily create a website and give the information you are trying to get across to other owners. Since you are not allowed to have other unit condo owners’ emails from the board you can more easily send a message with the website to the owners at board meetings or have a card made with the link on for when you meet an owner. Just another novel way to get your information across. Make the website first page lively and interesting. If you want any advice or give your opinions join the forum. If this is helpful to you I will be delighted,


We have now set up a FORUM where you can have your say. Click HERE to see the Forum and register

The Theater Tragedy

The purpose of this website for the unit owners is for transparency. To show what is really going on behind the scenes and why it is illegal…

Several owners have sent emails to Vito, the manager, and Jim, the President and these can be seen here.

Instead of doing some repairs and cleaning, they (Jim and Vito), had the theater completely stripped of its valuable items and without a Unit owner’s vote. They did not even create a committee to decide which, if, any changes were to be made. The valuation for the furnishings and replacement costs of the theatre comes to about $100,000 and is likely to effect the value of our units.

By law a unit owner vote is required for this.

I am sad and disappointed. We had a meeting at the theater so we could see it for the last time and Elizabeth Sharland, entertainment editor of the Palm Beach Society Magazine, attended. She said it was a tragedy that it would be taken away.

My husband and I were going to organise lectures as we did before the pandemic, with regular film nights and zoom meetings. If you had to pay to use a conference/theater room like this it is very expensive and it was a joy to have such a facility in-house. Unfortunately, not many unit owners knew it existed. I didn’t know it was there for about a year after I bought my unit.

The day before Thanksgiving (strange timing), it looked stripped and no thoughts of decor or furnishings for the board’s replacement media-room has been decided.

You can contact me for updates via email


Jim and Vito should resign

The proper course of action is for the two main sponsors of the theatre’s demolition, Jim and Vito, to resign. However, that is unlikely. Therefore, complaining, via emails, to the board and to demand that the theatre is reinstate and a change of management would be a start. But the main power we have is simply to not vote for Jim Tortora. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR VOTE, if you change your mind.


Some unit owners have expressed their concern about what has happened but the more people that voice their opinion, the better it will be when it comes to rectifying this situation. You can see some of the letters here.

Don’t delay! Write to the board before the next meeting.


Before…and After – The Devastation of the Theater

The video on the left shows the theater as it was, with the photos on the right showing the warm, comfortable, classy room being changed into a cold functional ‘media room’, costing thousands of dollars.

Windows were immediately blocked out and a deadlock put on the door.

Contractor brought in to paint and remove all furnishings.

The contractor is painting without covering the carpet, which is now trashed.

The last night in our private theater where we had a small meeting and lecture

Below are the people who came and give their views on how special it was to have our own theater which is easily used as a conference room. How the guests said it was such a tragedy to take such a delightful addition to the condos down.

One of the ladies, an expert on fabric and antiques gave what she believed to be the valuation both new and to be sold now. Everything was as new even the very expensive carpet which didn’t have a mark on it. It is the same carpet as in the Cinema in city place just a different colour.

The carpets and curtains are very important, not just for acoustics but to keep the sound down from the condo owners upstairs and the management offices next door.

Elizabeth made a handsome offer via the executive secretary for the posters as she left but was told they were being kept. Since there is plenty of storage space in the building for all the furniture we are wondering where it went. The room is now emptied. Incidentally, there is plenty of space for a media room and no need to destroy one of the jewels of the complex. That would add money to the sales if it was made a feature.

Many owners were never even told we had a theater when they bought their condo. I have spoken to many unit owners and renters that had not known about the room and shocked it was completely demolished especially the timing the day before Thanksgiving, It was decided at the last board meeting, attended by only a handful of people, to make it into a Theater and Media Room, still without Unit owners vote, but instead the theater was quickly demolished. Windows were immediately blocked out and a deadlock put on the door.

Elizabeth Sharland, entertainment editor of the Palm Beach Society Magazine.

Gordon, video producer.

James Pool, author of two successful books on Hitler ‘Who financed Hitler’ and ‘Hitler and his Secret Partners‘.

Nancy Telese, fabric and antique expert.

Lynne Mercal, freelance journalist.

Marilyne Smith, Professional Photographer and Antique Collector.

The bill for the price of the demolition of the Theater room and removal of all furnishings.
This could have been done by the condo workers.


This was the price of the destruction of the theater and removal of furnishings ($6,500). When there was a perfectly good empty room for a media room that would have cost less than the demolition to furnish it. Now the theater is just an empty white painted room storing boxes. Since the website went live I have spoken to numerous owners that had no idea of it being destroyed.

They were devastated, including one gentleman who had all his friends to watch the sports championships, another lady had regular ladies film parties, the Tower block board held their meeting there and many others including myself used the room regularly.

The president who organised it at the time was well aware of it being used but preferred to tell everyone it was old and never used.

The board member who had been commissioned to upgrade the theater room  without spoiling it, had spent many hours finding excellent upgrades. However, she was dismissed and the change of room decided without a unit owner vote.

So what was the rush to have it destroyed the day before the Thanksgiving holidays? It now lays empty as a store room.

Will the theater be saved now?